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Hey You!! I'm Ericka, or Berry! I'm your biggest fan and hype girl and I happen to hold the camera!!

I know this isn't the easiest decision to make, but I also know that a boudoir experience can be one of the best times you can have! Not only will we laugh (I love laughing!) and smile, you will get pampered and posed and end up with beautiful portraits!!

This is your time to celebrate yourself and all of the good and bad and everything that put you where you are today!

You will walk out of my studio with a whole new (or renewed) sense of self-love and confidence in yourself! My makeup artist and I are ready to spoil you and create a great experience for you! Let's do this!


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The Boudoir Experience

Boudoir Session | $500


  • Pre-Consultation
  • Professional Hair and Make-Up
  • Access to Client Closet (Lingerie, Accessories, Props)
  • Time of session has many variables & will be discussed in pre-consultation
  • Professional Posing & Coaching from Head to Toe
  • Professional Editing 
  • In-Person Reveal & Ordering Appointment

Pricing is the same for any session in which only 1 person is receiving hair and make-up.

$200 per person, additional fee for hair and make-up

Men do NOT have to have pay the $200 Hair and Make-Up for Dudoir or Couples sessions.

~~~~~Images not included~~~~~

$850 minimum image purchase required.

Average Client Investment ~ $2,700

YES!!! We offer payment plans!



Lingerie: I have a fairly stocked client closet with sizes from XS - 6XL! I also have accessories (necklaces, body jewelry, stockings, masks, flowers, harnesses, collars, necklaces, and more!) and many sizes of high heels! You are welcome to choose from any of my selection, but also, feel free to bring your own!! I highly recommend body fitting body suits/ teddies/ matching sets! I tend to steer people away from babydoll type lingerie because it hides your natural curves and all the good things we want to see! If you don't already have a selection of lingerie, there are many local places you could go to or you can shop online through PureRomance, AdoreMe, Savage x Fenty, Yandy, Love & Vera, Amazon, Shein, and so many more!!

I also allow props but please discuss these with me beforehand! I have shot photos with footballs, jerseys, weapons, live animals, crops, cuffs, spreader bars, ropework, and more!

(Pictured below are just some of many of the client closet pieces available. Everything is put into lingerie bags as soon as you remove it and they are put into a special sanitizing wash. You always have the option of pairing any of my pieces with your own nude thong if you choose to.)

Here are some prep tips!! What to Wear

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spicy boudoir photos near me
If you are interested in a themed shoot, let's chat and collaborate some ideas to put together something amazing!!
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Most of my appointments are weekdays from 11-3. It's a good idea to make sure you drink plenty of water the day and night before and eat a good breakfast that morning! You'll need the energy for the movements I'll have you doing!

Always arrive freshly showered with only moisturizer on and dried hair!

Do not wear clothes that are tight and will leave lines on your body, and maybe even consider coming braless! We have robes you can change into in the studio after you arrive!

If you are bringing a friend, I need to know about it ahead of time so I can also make sure your friend has a good time in the studio, though my focus will be you.

You will be given the address for the studio in Lakewood a few days prior to your appointment.


Times are just an example of the timeline. Sometimes session start times may vary!

Let's start this experience off!

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11-12:30am - After some introductions of myself and my make-up artist, you will get to change into your robe and get your before photos taken! My hair and make-up artist will then talk to you about her process and begin to work her magic of sexifying you! There will be music playing, drinks available, and I will be sure to have refreshments ready!

During this time, we will also go over your outfit choices and see which outfit fits best in what scene in my studio, as well as potentially pair them up with some of my pieces! If you didn't bring any, that's ok! I will pull out a few pieces I'm sure you will love and you get to try them on next!

boudoir hair and makeup

12:30 - 12:45am - Quick break, trying on lingerie, and, of course, AFTER photos of your hair and make-up!

boudoir before and after
boudoir makeup look
boudoir with hair and makeup

12:15 - 3pm - Now is when we get to work more magic together! It's time to shoot!

I know you are a little nervous, but you look amazing!! This part isn't as hard as you might think! I show you all of the poses before having you do them and I pose you from head to toe! I will tell you where to look, which angle to have your head, feet, shoulders, fingers! I never expect you to come knowing how to pose yourself, so remember, I've gotchu!!

During the shoot, you will have time to change into several outfits, though it's typically only 3-4 and often times ends with a implied or fully nudity session in the sheets! I will never, ever push you to do more than you are comfortable with! I will have to touch you multiples times throughout the shoot to adjust straps, move hair, re-angle your face or hands and I will ask consent before touching.

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Whatever day you plan your shoot, plan a night out!!! Go to dinner with the girls, hang out with your partner, go on a date, but make it fun because you WILL be glammed up and feeling GOOOOOOD!!!


You'll come back to my studio at a designated time and date usually within two weeks to do your reveal of your photos!! This will take about an hour. I'll have all of your images available on a big screen TV and we will pick your favorites and your package to purchase! From there, you get to decide how you want to display your artwork! Do you want a wall of canvases in your room? Metal prints by the bed? A custom album (one of the most beautiful and loved gifts!), a retroviewer with images, or a multitude of other options!

Products do take time to produce and be shipped back to us, so please be patient! It's safe to assume the products will take 4-6 weeks, though often they are in quicker!

Just wait until you see yourself in print!! It's such an incredible feeling!

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I know this may seem like the end, but it's just the beginning! I want to see you in my Boudie Babes group and I want you to be able to share your experience with others and to build up other ladies, as well!

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Investment & Products


The Strawberry Boudoir Photography Experience is $500. This is the session fee that is due when you book. Paying this fee reserves your available day of choice. This retainer is non-refundable after booking.

The session retainer includes: Professional hair/makeup at the studio, 3 outfit changes, professional posing, access to our client & accessory closet, professional image retouching, and your image reveal and ordering session.



The photo portion of your boudoir experience only lasts a few hours, but the photographs you go home with will last forever.

boudoir products washington

Beautiful Wooden Photo Memory Box

Boudoir albums

Beautiful 10x10 Crystal Cover Album

boudoir wall art washington

Gorgeous Wall Art

boudoir in washington

Captivating 8x8 Album to Display Your Beautiful Artwork

Whether you choose an album, loose prints, memory box or wall art - everything I offer is delivered to you ready to hang/display & admire for a lifetime. My Investment product menu is curated with the most high-end, luxurious products to beautifully display your boudoir photos for a lifetime.

You can spend as little or as much as you like after deciding what products are best for you.

Average client investment ranges from $2000-$4000 when opting to get an all inclusive, custom collection with the full online gallery, luxe album, metal wall art and more. All products are custom & professionally made from the best print labs in the industry.

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boudoir in tacoma

Retrograde Viewfinder for a Fun Add-On

boudoir in olympia

Payment plan options (interest free) are also available so your amount can be broken up in several different ways if needed. The most popular payment plan is the pre-payment plan where you have the option to pre-pay for your products either in full or on a plan before your session even takes place! This takes away so much stress when you already have an idea of what you want!!! Check it out here: Payment Plan

Contract, invoice, and welcome guide are sent after booking. Additional phone consultations are available after booking if you have any questions about your session at all!

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The Studio

My in-home, fully private, studio in Lakewood is set up with multiple scenes to create beautiful images! I am constantly trying to keep things fresh and new in it and am excited to share it with you!! Together, we can create your light and airy or dark and sultry photos, we can tailor your shoot for you and provide you with unique looks that you can't find anywhere else!

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How To Book Your Experience!

I personally like to talk on the phone with every client prior to booking, so let's set up a time to chat! I do this for a few reasons! One, you get a chance to ask me questions you may have, but I also get to ask you some information I will need to make your experience as wonderful as possible!!

Let's work together to find the best date for you!!

Make sure to join our email list for snippets of information or for flash specials! Also, make sure (Ladies only) to join the VIP page on Facebook!!

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