Interested in a themed shoot?

Something unique, fun, funny, imaginative, creative, crazy?!!?



Let's do it!

Fantasy (woodland fairies, mermaid/merman, anything!), Dark (witches, vampires, etc), Stories to tell (night out, night in, etc), and so much more!

Girls Night-In Boudoir Parties??

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What is a Boudoir Party?

Imagine this: Ladies, laughing, having a drink, a few snacks laid out, hair and make-up being done, music in the background, laughing, talking about significant others, kids, jobs, sex, lingerie, you know...girly stuff...and one-by-one, I bring the girls to the shooting location, typically a bedroom, and she and I will work magic for photos for a bit, and then she returns to the party, beaming with confidence and laughter to continue the night! Everyone building one another up and just having a great time!! And BONUS?!?!?! You get sexy photos too!!

Contact me today to schedule a fun night with your friends!!

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Quarantine Boudoir

In this time, we needed a laugh more than anything, so we had a blast doing some photos, Quarantine style. This was done before all of the restrictions were put into place.

Game of Thrones? Winter Wonderland?