Loving your curves during a boudoir session

One of the most frequently asked questions I get - and it often comes across with a certain level of self-berating - is "Do you work with plus-sized girls?" "I'm curvy, can I do a shoot?" "Do you know how to pose bigger girls?"

I understand that question because we’re all bombarded with a certain type of image in

the media and marketing, but the truth is that every person's body is different, and every body is beautiful

in its own way.

The answer to whether you should have images taken if you don’t fit a certain stereotypical mold is YES! YES, YOU SHOULD!

Of course you should, you are gorgeous.

Yes! I work with plus-sized girls! Yes, your curves are freaking beautiful! Yes, I can pose every damn one of you, no matter your size or anything else! I've gotchu girl!

When you’re in front of my camera, I’m 100% focused on highlighting your favorite features

and making you look and feel dang good, and that’s true for clients of every. Single. Size. We all

have some insecurities and self-perceived flaws, and that’s OK and normal, but I’ve yet to have a

woman walk away from a session with me not feeling anything but stronger and more appreciative of every inch of herself.

Consider a boudoir session with me an opportunity to embrace every single curve on your body.

A chance to show off your figure in a sexy something — or in some cases nothing at all! An

opportunity to feel empowered in your own skin and walk away feeling more beautiful than you

ever have before.

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