We have so many fun things you can use!!

For couples, it's a little different. We have two (or more) people that will get individual pics, as well as your couple pics!

You have full access to everything in the studio, but there won't be time to use EVERY thing!

Let's have you pick your top two choices and we will be sure that those get done!

Wings - One or both people

Gowns and Crowns

Bondage - Wrist/Ankle/Thigh cuffs, collar & leash, spreader bar, and more

Shower - It's all an illusion, you don't actually get wet!!


Bodyscapes (play with lighting and close-ups, usually)

Wet Set - wet hair, wet shirt, water running down your body

Food - Strawberries are a given, but whipped cream, honey, lollipops, pizza, let's get creative!

Outdoor Bathtub - can be combined with wet look

Cuddle Session - Between the sheets (typically implied nudity or nude using sheets as a tease)

Combinations of multiples of these?!?!


These can be any level of nice to spice you are interested in.

If more erotic is more your style, this should be brought up prior to your session so that we get all of the necessary information discussed.

If we have time for more, once you are here, we can do more!