The Experience

I know you are nervous! So am I!! I want you to love your photos so much that I get nervous before each session as well...and THAT’S OK!!

A boudoir (dudoir, couples, and more) session is an amazing experience that will leave you feeling sexy, empowered, strong, and ready to be that badass you really are!! 

You will have an amazing and wonderful experience creating beautiful and inspiring boudoir images that you will cherish for a lifetime! I personally guarantee that! 

I am here to answer any questions you might have! 

Prepare for Your Session

Prepping for your session is almost just as important as the shoot itself. When you are ready to dedicate a session for yourself, we will figure out exactly what time and date work best for you, especially if you are trying to get the products back by a special date!  Most of my sessions are booked Monday through Friday, but I also book on weekends as necessary. MOST sessions begin at 10am and end around 2:30pm. 

Now that the time is selected….let’s make sure your wardrobe is flattering and amazing!! Making the right wardrobe selections can make such a difference in your images!!!

I will show you my client closet, with so many options, but will also guide you in finding out what you’re looking for and give you some tips on where to search for what will look amazing on you if you choose to purchase new pieces for yourself!

Enjoy Some Pampering!

Only the best because...well, you are WORTH IT! An experienced professional hair and make-up artist with proven expertise is ready to make you feel like the goddess you are and to customize your look for you and to compliment your features and outfit choices! And they’re not finished until you LOVE how you look! We all want you to be happy and to feel amazing! 

Ready for your close-up??

Let’s turn some music on (feel free to provide a playlist of your choice to get you into the mood), have a sip of something sparkly, and get to work! 

You will receive professional guidance, coaching, and direction for posing and movement throughout your session. My job is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful and get the photos that will make you say “Ooooh!!!”

Premium Quality Images and Products!

One to two weeks after we finish your session, you will get to see the beautiful images we created together! We provide in-person viewings as a courtesy to our clients to help with the image and product selection.

Your images will BOMB whether you select one of our luxurious boudoir albums, spectacular wall art, digital files, or any other product available!


I’m not sexy...I need to lose weight...I’m not a model?

I combined these because they are all basically the same question.


I am not going to throw you in front of the camera and just say “act sexy”.
My job is to show and coach you through posing that is flattering to YOUR body and to YOU.. My job is to hide that 10lbs you want to lose with posing! Trust me on this...cameras don’t add pounds...photographers do...BUT I WON’T!

Do you provide outfits?

I do have many items in my client closet, however, the best option is whatever makes you feel sexy, whether that is lingerie or a button down shirt or cute socks or nothing or anything in between!

Can I bring a friend to the photoshoot?

Of course you can bring a cheerleader to our party! Bringing one friend is wonderful and can create the best smiles!! I will say this is probably best that if you are doing these for a significant other...leave them at home! Let this be a surprise for them!

Please follow my rules on guests:
~Over 18 years old
~Give me notification at least 24 hours BEFORE your session
~If the person cannot be encouraging and is critical or cynical, they will be asked to leave.

What is your policy on alcohol?

I will provide a choice of beverage to you, but limited to no more than 2 drinks. I understand it can help you to relax and celebrate, but we also don’t want sleepy eyes (and for that, I also ask that you do not consume marijuana prior to our session) or blotchy, red skin.

I want you to have fun! And I want you to love your let’s find a beautiful balance!

Do you Photoshop my images?

Absolutely! What professional photographer wouldn’t!?!
That being said...I will eliminate break-outs, bruises, or any other non permanent issues a person is having (unless they want to share them with the world), but I will NOT “slim” anyone digitally...and with my posing coaching, I won’t have to!
I will enhance your images, but I will not make you look like...not you! I want you to see the strength, power, sexiness you already possess!
Please remember when preparing for your session, that I will do some light blending for tanlines (or burn lines), but will not eliminate them entirely. I have a spray tanning expert that I recommend to help with this if necessary, prior to your session.

Do you have a studio or will you come to my home?

Yes and Yes!!!

I have a dedicated boudoir studio in my home with a full bathroom and changing area. I also will travel to your home if that makes you more comfortable! To do this, we will need a few video sessions to prep things, but I’ve never had an issue going on location!

Do you do location/destination shoots?

I love to shoot outdoors and on location! I have done photoshoots at

~Clients homes
~Fancy hotels
~Cheap hotels
~Open Fields
~With Cars
~In Cars
~In the snow
~Bath Boudoir
~Kink Events

I have also traveled to other cities and states for destination photoshoots. Oftentimes these end up being the girls night in parties.

Contact me for more details!

Will you share my photos online?

Not without your permission. Period.

I encourage everyone to allow me to share some or all of their images and their story to help inspire others, but I would never pressure you to do so. What we shoot together is yours, first and foremost and I will respect whatever choices you make on the matter!

What is your policy on nudity?

Well….get naked if you want!! Be as bare as you dare, but nudity is never required!

I have photographed from completely dressed to completely nude and I can tell can look sexy in any level of dress (or undress) you are comfortable with! Some women and men prefer ‘implied’ nude where they appear nude, but their private bits are concealed by pose, props, or sheets. In fact, a ‘white sheet’ session (in bed, nude with sheets) is a very popular choice for many!

When shooting Erotic / Kink / Couples, how open are you?

Please see my Portfolio for samples and contact me for more information. I am probably one of the most “open” photographers that you will ever meet!