What is a couple’s boudoir photography session?

When you think about boudoir sessions, what usually comes to mind is a woman in a sexy

garment in a beautiful setting. However, there is another option! Couples boudoir is pretty much the same thing, however it has two (or more) people involved. It is an amazing experience, as well as an incredible date experience for you and your partner.

If you’re trying to decide between whether or not you should have a traditional stand-alone

boudoir session or one with your partner(s), consider the following:

Reasons to Have a Stand-Alone Boudoir Session

• You want to gift your partner the images of yourself

• You want to have these images for yourself, as a sort of “gift” to yourself

• You want to celebrate your body, specifically

• You’re doing it for yourself, and want some “me time”

Reasons to Have Couple’s Boudoir Session

• You want to capture the intimacy between you and your partner(s)

• You want to do something bold that helps foster emotional intimacy

• You want to celebrate your love — whether new or old

• You have been looking for a nice date for you and your partner, something newer and a bit uncommon!

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