The biggest mistakes people make before their boudoir session

Believe me, I totally understand that baring all in front of a stranger is not exactly the most comfortable or easiest thing to do. You’re putting yourself out there in a vulnerable position, and you have every single reason to feel a little bit nervous or unsure about what to expect. I promise you though, I’m going to make sure that you don’t just look amazing in your boudoir images, but that you feel amazing before, during, and after the session.

To help ensure things go smoothly at your upcoming boudoir session, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the biggest mistakes that clients make so that you can avoid them:

Getting Drunk: Don’t do it! A little something bubbly is a nice touch, but it can sometimes be easy to go too far when you’re caught up in nerves. Remind yourself what your alcohol limits are — something only you know! Be sure to stick to them. We want pretty, not shitty! Let's relax and have fun, but within reasonable limits!

Not Eating the Day Of: I’ve seen this happen a few times. It’s an honest mistake, but it’s also

one that sets you up for a lackluster shoot. You need food to keep your mental and

physical energies up, so don’t starve yourself the day of, and especially not in the days leading up to the shoot. There really is no benefit at all to starving your body. You will need the energy to move around and enjoy yourself! I will also always have snacks on hand for you!

Obsessing Over Others’ Boudoir Images: It’s OK to find some inspiration on the web, but

don’t let yourself fall down a dark hole of self-comparison. I think it’s best to come into a shoot

without a ton of other people’s and other photographer’s images swimming around in your head. I am not that other photographer, YOU are not that other person, YOUR images WILL be different. Don't stress about it! You’ll feel better, and more relaxed. Trust me!

Engaging Negative / Apologetic Self-Talk: This happens almost without fail during every

session, and it’s always a bit of a bummer to hear a client talk badly about themselves. As much as we try to build you up, you need to start it before you ever get here! It could

be something as simple as “I’m sorry I didn’t get something that fits perfectly!” or “Can you

make me look thinner?” or “I hate my thighs!” I know that we live in a society that makes us

focus on our self-perceived flaws, but I challenge you to only think and utter affirmative words

before, during, and after your session. Do not put yourself down, you deserve better. Talk to yourself like you are talking to your best friend!