Boudoir Parties

What on earth is a boudoir party??!!??!

This is where we host a mini session day and all of the slots are filled by you and your girlfriends. This can be done for a bachelorette party, a girls night in, in combination with a (shhhh) sex toy party, botox parties, a birthday party, a divorce party, anything really!!


We will schedule out 5-8 sessions in one day and give you a group discount. You and your ladies all show up at the studio or your private home or a hotel we choose (this will be decided at the time of booking) and drink and just have a good time while you’re waiting for your session. Most women come with their hair and makeup ready, however, this can also be discussed upon booking. I can have makeup artists available to you for this, or you can do each others!


Each of you will then have your own private 30-minute session and a private viewing session on another date!

These are typically ladies only events. They are so much fun and full of laughter and lingerie and you get sexy, beautiful photos out of it!!


Sounds fun, right? Don’t miss your opportunity to throw your boudoir party. Contact us today to set your date!

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